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Abdelatif Benazzi

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On July 17, 1995, Abdelatif Benazzi, the captain of the France rugby team, had an “exceptional event” in the history of sports and politics. The third Rugby World Cup would have had a different outcome if a challenge had not been rejected by the match’s referee during a semifinal played in a downpour.

This competition, which was organized by and “for” South Africa and made famous by the movie “Invictus,” was meant to represent the nation’s reconciliation as a whole, in the view of Nelson Mandela, the country’s new president. This image of a “rainbow” country where all races would finally coexist after centuries of apartheid would be realized with the victory of the Springboks’ multicultural team.

Against all expectations, Abdelatif Benazzi decided not to appeal the arbitrator’s ruling and to acknowledge that the try, which was marked at the 51st second of the 79th minute, was invalid. It enables the South African nation to be confident in the legitimacy of its victory and to focus global media attention on what actually mattered that day. A few weeks later, the President of South Africa sent him a heartfelt letter of gratitude.

The collections :

6 ESM ”Emotional sports moments” will be created: Part of the proceeds from this sell will go to Abdelatif Benazzi’s NOOR Association. 5 more will be created and donated to :

  • The Nelson Mandela Foundation
  • François Pienaar, the captain of the Springboks
  • The Sports Museum in Nice
  • Abdelatif Benazzi
  • Held by Momentum

Another collection of 1000 “NFTs”, will crafted from this exceptional work sold at a price of $95,42. There will be 3 levels of rarity:

  • 200 Gold
  • 300 Silver
  • 500 Bronze

Giving the possibility for everyone to appropriate this moment in the political history of world sports